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Artifiicial Intelligence professional and published author of 3 books on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and IoT. Research Scientist — A.I @ Amazon Web Services
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Deep Learning Foundations

This post is a part of a medium based ‘A Layman’s guide to Deep Learning’ series that I plan to publish in an incremental fashion. The target audience is beginners with basic programming skills; preferably Python.


This post assumes you have a basic understanding of Deep Neural Networks a.k.a. Feed-forward neural networks. A detailed post covering this has been published in the previous post — A Layman’s guide to Deep Neural Networks. Reading the previous post is highly recommended for a better understanding of this post.


Computer Vision’ as a field has evolved to new heights with the advent of…

Explanatory series


The rise of A.I., Machine Learning and Data Science in recent times has been unprecedented. Every industry has geared up for the race to embrace A.I. as an indispensable tool to pursue new avenues in strengthening or diversifying their existing offerings. This new adventure has, therefore, led to massive hiring of people with relevant A.I. skills. However, given the huge demand and supply gap combined with the hazy requirements from different organizations, the expectations from a data scientist and similar roles are largely misunderstood.

Recently, with the hype around Data Science, the market has been floating several fancy roles that…

Tech review

I have been a phenomenal fan of Apple products and have been using them for a few years now. Every year, I look forward to their hardware and software events and have always been awestruck with the amazing presentations they deliver. However, on 25 March 2019, I was a bit surprised when Apple announced the Apple Card — a new credit card from Apple; the technology behemoth. For most, no one saw this coming. There were indeed rumours floating on social media, but it was hard to connect the dots about the end product. Most of us thought it would…

Deep Learning Foundations

A non-mathematical introduction to Deep Neural Networks with PyTorch


The recent A.I. buzz has created enough awareness among the Neural Networks in academia and enterprise. You might certainly have crossed paths with content that emphasizes some form of AI/Neural Net system will overtaking your traditional workflow. I am sure you have definitely heard (though may not be fully aware) about Deep Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

In this post, I would like to introduce the topic with the shortest yet effective means to embrace Deep Neural Networks and implement them using PyTorch.

A layman definition for Deep Neural Networks a.k.a. Deep Learning

Take 1

Deep Learning is a sub-field of…

Over the past 4 years, I published 3 technical books on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Decision Science, and the experience has been invaluable. Apart from new & better career opportunities, the process opened my doors to several other paths that I had never considered. In this post, I would like to summarize my key learnings and a few strategies that might help budding authors. …

Today, there are several platforms available in the industry that aid software developers, data scientists as well as a layman in developing and deploying machine learning models within no time. Some platforms have made big claims to democratize AI and data science to an extent where you can solve your data science problem with almost no coding skills, while some others claim the fastest and easiest way to deploy a solution in the cloud. All these claims, some very profound, would make you wonder one simple question — What platform works best for me?

The answer to this question is…

The Internet of Things a.k.a. IoT has been a topic of interest that caught momentum a few years back and peaked in mid-2016. The next 2.5 years, unfortunately, saw a downfall of interest like every other technology as the hype fades. This link refers to the Google Trends website that looks into the popularity of searches in ‘IOT’ across time. This phase is called the ‘trough of disillusionment’ according to the Gartner’s Hype Cycle. However, recently we can see there is a new momentum ushered in the industry. As the technology has now matured with Cloud providers and other software…

Jojo John Moolayil

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